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Helpful HR Highlights for Employers

Are You Aware of Current Wage and Hour Laws?

The U.S. Department of Labor recently announced the addition of 100 investigator positions to its Wage and Hour Division workforce; signaling an increased focus on enforcement of wage & hour compliance.

Common pinch point topics for employers…

►Is your employee an employee or independent contractor?  The laws are tricky and, often times, employers are compensating an individual as a contractor when, in actuality, they are legally an employee – requiring certain procedures be in place.  

►Is your company required to comply with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)?  If so, it’s important to ensure you are legally compliant with respect to administering FMLA.

►Are your employees working in locations with varied overtime laws – that you may not be fully aware of?  It’s always good practice to have someone review your overtime pay practices to ensure they are legally compliant. And, to provide this training to your payroll representative(s).

►Does your company perform work as a U.S. Government contractor?  If so, government contracts present a certain set of requirements that you should ensure you are complying with.

Feel free to contact our team if you would like further assistance with this important topic!  

PRAY & CO’s Referral Program Reminder

Our team would like to remind all professionals in the mining and alternative energy sectors that we provide a $250 cash referral payment for any candidate leads you provide a Pray & Co. team                   member resulting in placement with one of our client employers! Feel free to share this reminder with others!

News at Pray & Company!

Same great company, same great people & slightly new look!

Starting in June,  you will see a slightly new look and naming convention for our company.  Yes, a bit of a change but one that will make it easier for the few people we haven’t yet met to understand what we do! Pray & Company is transitioning to what?    

We will spread this news on social media, our website, and in our future printed materials.  Feel free to reach out to us with any questions!

PRAY & CO. Partner Spotlight

We are pleased to share some highlights of the Mineral Industries Building campaign taking place as SDSMT!  This new, 63,000 square foot, cutting edge facility will be equipped with innovative, team-based learning spaces fostering collaboration and student engagement.  

Servicing Mining Engineering and Management, Geology and Geological Engineering, and Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, this new facility will lead the way with …

►Increased capacity for technology development and applied research capabilities.

►Facilitation of industry engagement.

►Providing teaching labs which encourage interdisciplinary education and research.

►Glass walls that put science and engineering on display.

Ground-breaking is occurring Spring 2022 with project completion planned for Spring 2024.  For more information, contact SDSMT Center for Alumni Relations & Advancement at 605-394-2436!

Join Us  

 June 6-10: Elko Mining Expo Elko Nevada

Pray & Co will be sponsoring and attending the annual Elko Mining Expo event in Elko, NV. Visit our beverage stop on the “back nine” of the Expo golf tournament on Monday, June 6!  Visit

June 8-10: Colorado Mining Association Annual Convention  Grand Junction, CO

Pray & Co. will be sponsoring, attending and speaking on a workforce development panel.                           For more information visit

June 13 –15:  Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada Annual Convention  Toronto, ON

 Pray & Co. will be sponsoring, attending and virtually presenting. For more information visit

June 17-18: Pray for Life Cornhole and Golf Fundraiser Ruby View Golf Course—Elko, NV

Join Pray & Co. at the annual cornhole and golf fundraiser! To register go to

August 24-25: Wyoming Mining Association Annual Convention Jackson Hole, WY

Pray & Co. will be sponsoring, attending and facilitating a workforce development panel.                              For more information visit

Helpful HR Highlights for Employees

How to take a ‘breather’ before losing it on your co-worker, contract partner, customer – or really, anyone!

Ever want to send an immediate reply to an idiotic email? Yeah, we’ve all been there.  Take it from several of us at Pray & Co, there’s more to gain by stepping back!  People tell you, just relax.  Easier said than done, we know!

Stress reactions are automatic but our response must be voluntary!  How do we train ourselves for an effective voluntary response?

►Find a quiet place, or close your office door.

►Take slow, deep breaths through your abdomen.

►Set aside the unanswered emails or today’s to-do list – for a few, brief minutes.

►Try focusing on one thing or one image – for a couple minutes.

►If you are moderately or severely stressed, MOVE. Physical activity, yes we’ve all heard it, is one of the best ways to de-stress your mind and body.  Even for just a few moments.  

►Most of all, practice this technique each day before you get triggered by that next idiotic email!

Hot Jobs

Procurement and Supply Chain Manager—Nevada

Controls and Instrumentation Engineer—North Carolina

General Maintenance Supervisor—South Carolina

Engineering Manager—Arizona

Human Resource Manager—Nevada

Underground Training Coordinator—South Carolina

Senior Logistics Supervisor—Alaska

Senior Projects Manager—Nevada

Apply today at

PRAY & CO.’S Culture of Involvement

Adrienne Green

We are excited to highlight  Adrienne Green, Senior HR & Recruiting Specialist with Pray & Company. Stay tuned for more details on Adrienne’s involvement with the Colorado Chapter of Women in Mining as well as the Colorado Mining Association!  

Another example of Pray & Company’s commitment to a #Cultureofinvolvement.

PRAY & CO.’S Culture of Caring

Dana Pray

We are thrilled to announce that our team member, Dana Pray has been invited to serve on the Organ Donor Family Research Advisory Council at New York University’s Langone Transplant Institute as part of the Center for Surgical and Transplant Applied Research. The Pray for Life Foundation, in conjunction with this council, places strong focus on supporting families impacted by  transplantation as well as funding, research, and more!

Another great example of Pray & Co’s commitment to a  #CultureofInvolvement! #PrayandCo #Health #Education #Families 

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