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Helpful HR Highlights for Employers

How are Employers Coping with Too Few Workers*

The numbers are staggering – an average of 4 million U.S. workers quit their jobs in 2021.  And, many early to mid-career professional-level employees report that they intend to stay with their current employer for a maximum of 2 years.  

The usual suspect strategy of hiking up pay rates to address worker shortages can be effective, but budgets aren’t endless.  With the ongoing trend of employees resigning from otherwise desirable roles, what can you consider, if you aren’t already doing so, as a way to cope and to remain competitive?

►Build loyalty by learning what your current employee’s needs are?  Asking the question helps drive your employee-driven culture.

►Where possible, set actions to fulfill the feedback you receive.  And, communicate what you are doing with feedback, regularly and often.

►Think of employee loyalty as more than ‘employee happiness.  In today’s market, a manager’s role isn’t to create a fun place to work, rather, to create job assignments that have a greater sense of purpose – answer the question of ‘purpose’ when conducting your hiring activities.  Providing meaningful work that enriches the broader society or lives of others, although interpreted as soft and lofty by many business leaders, is really what today’s employees are expecting. Work that makes employees, customers, clients, or communities lives better.

►Think more broadly about your company’s stated values.  Today’s employees have expectations that may surprise many leaders; commitments to sustainability, diversity, equity, inclusion, physical well-being, mental well-being, social well-being, and financial well-being.  In big industries, even in today’s competitive environment, these concepts can be frustrating to leaders.  Now is the time to set aside what we thought we knew about values and embrace what we are hearing from employees.                    

►Accept that flexible work isn’t going away.  One thing that employees want more than money?  Flexibility.  It’s not a benefit, but a new operating model – whether in mining or any industrial setting.  Location, working hours, work schedule, job variety, etc.

►Foster connecting with employees in a virtual environment.  Easier said than done, but nonetheless critical.  Develop human connection not only within the workplace but beyond the workplace – through personal outreach – by managers and between employees.  Have the CEO or GM sit in, even virtually, in staff meetings – not only when presenting in large venues.

►Develop IDP’s (Individual Development Plans) that include components associated with what will ‘fulfill’ the employee personally and professionally.

►Avoid quick money fixes – they don’t offer lasting impact.                              

*McKinsey & Company, Society for Human Resource Management, Mercer LLC

Pray & Co.’s Referral Program Reminder

Our team would like to remind all professionals in the mining and alternative energy sectors that we provide a $500 cash referral payment for any candidate leads you provide a Pray & Co. team member which result in a placement with one of our client employers! Feel free to share this reminder with those in your network!

News at Pray & Company!

Stay tuned for some ‘news’ about the look of Pray & Company being unveiled in the summer of 2022!

Pray & Co. Partner Spotlight – EduMine (March)

Proud to share the EduMine panel that our team member, Dana Pray, participated in along with other distinguished panel members—discussing Diversity in Mining. 


April 22: ‘Women in Mining —Utah’ virtual Lunch-n-Learn. 

Pray & Co. will be presenting at this event.  For more details, please email Rhonda at Rhonda@praysolutions.com!  

June 6-10: Elko Mining Expo —Elko Nevada                                                                                                                        Pray & Co. will be sponsoring and attending this event.   For more information  

June 8-10: Colorado Mining Association Annual Convention —Grand Junction, CO                                                      Pray & Co. will be sponsoring, attending and speaking on a workforce development panel. For more information  

June 13 –15: Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada Annual Convention —                                   Toronto, ON   Pray & Co. will be sponsoring, attending and virtually presenting. For more information

We are excited to highlight DeDe Barker, Senior HR & Recruiting Specialist with Pray & Company.  Stay tuned for more details on DeDe’s involvement with the Nevada Mining Association’s Suppliers Committee and Workforce Committee as well as Women in Mining.  

Helpful HR Highlights for Employees

An individual development plan, commonly known as an IDP, can be a helpful tool for keeping your career on track.  Certain employers lead this process, but if they don’t, you are encouraged to drive the process on your own!

Even if you are in the right job with the right employer, you are likely still wanting to be challenged with new job assignments, skill areas, and growth opportunities. A plan to ensure those items happen is ultimately up to you, the employee.

Topics to consider:

  • What are your short-term, medium-term and long-term career goals?
  • What would you like to do to support those goals and by when?
  • Consider some level of goal alignment with that of your employer’s business objectives – to ensure greatest buy-in from your manager, HR and others.
  • What do you believe are your blind-spots, skill gaps, or areas of improvement in your skills (technical or people skills)?
  • What are some things you will consider doing to close the blind-spots or gaps in your skills?
  • Ask stakeholders who you work with for their input on your performance – colleagues, customers, cross-functional leaders, your own manager, human resources, etc.
  • Feel free to research training opportunities, certifications, new credentials you can pursue, or similar opportunities for stretch job assignments, etc.
  • Be honest and realistic in your responses.
  • Write your responses down and consider initiating a conversation with your manager to review them.
  • Plan a regular frequency wherein you can update your IDP as well as to socialize your updates with your manager, HR and other relevant stakeholders.

Mission of Pray for Life Foundation

Supports organ transplant awareness and registration, donor/recipient families in distress, grief counseling, and organ donation research.

Provides temporary living for donor and recipient families in proximity to medical centers.

Provides annual scholarships to student-athletes through the Jeston R. Pray Memorial Scholarship.

Collaborates with transplant organizations to improve the organ donor process in support of families in distress. 


The Pray For Life Foundation                                

 (P4L) invites you to register for their annual Golf Tournament Weekend!                               

 June 17 & 18, 2022. 

Ruby View Gold Course in Elko, NV                    

Cornhole—Friday, at 6:00 p.m.                         

Golf—Saturday, at 9:00 a.m. 

Log on to https://birdease.com/P4L

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